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📱 SwipeNote Lifetime Deal Use SwipeNote to save social posts, full-page screenshots, kindle highlights and more with a single click! It allows you to organize, collaborate and assign tasks to your team in one place. Lifetime access starts at $69.


    • SwipeNote makes it simple to swipe, categorize, share, and collaborate on any online material, including social network postings, advertisements, and more.
    • SwipeNote’s standout features include the ability to store all of your favorite web and social network information with a one click, making it simple to keep track of everything you love.
    • SwipeNote’s advanced organizational and collaboration tools enable you to work with your team smoothly, all in one readily searchable location.
    • Tracking and assigning tasks is made easy with features like labels, cards, filters, group chat, and more.

🗣 Voicely 2.0 Lifetime Deal Voicely 2.0 converts any text into a natural-sounding, lifelike voice-over in only a few clicks. 120+ languages, 700+ voices, three voice options, add background soundtracks, voice cloning and more. Lifetime access is available for $59.


    • Thanks to its fully-automated software powered by AI, Voicely can turn any text into a natural, lifelike voice-over in just a few clicks
    • Voicely is the only app on the market offering up to120 languages and +700 voices
    • Voicely is perfect for creating videos, podcasts, educational content, marketing videos, animated videos, explainer videos, and even audio books
    • Voicely2.0 is the only app with Voice Cloning feature that will allow you to create your project without continous recording process. Simpy input your script and your recording is ready

✍️ Shopia Lifetime Deal Shopia uses AI writers and analyzes top performing content. Lifetime access starts at $49.


    • Shopia has more than 80 writing templates that can be used to create just about any type of document
    • Send and schedule your content to over 5K apps using our the integration system powered by Zapier
    • Using the Research Assistant, Shopia pulls the top articles from Google so you may examine the content of competitors at every stage
    • Shopia was designed with speed in mind; you may create interesting articles of more than 2500 words in only a few seconds


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👨‍💻 Lilybank AI Lifetime Deal ⚡ Generate Unique and Engaging Content Faster. Lilybank AI allows you to generate unique, plagiarism-free content for your website, emails, advertising and blogs at a speed ten times faster than conventional methods.​ The starting price for lifetime access is $99.

📊 Vizologi Lifetime Deal Vizologi helps develop brainstorming ideas, analyze markets and trends, and build business plans for startups. Lifetime access starts at $69.

🔔 Saastic Lifetime Deal Saastic automates customer review requests and follow-ups so you don’t have to. Lifetime access is available for $49.

🕵️‍♂️ Screpy Lifetime Deal Screpy is an SEO and web analysis tool to monitor website metrics. Lifetime access starts at $55.

📲 OnlySocial Lifetime Deal OnlySocial helps take your online presence to new heights. Lifetime access is $49.

🤖 WTbotBuilder Lifetime Deal WTbotBuilder revolutionizes customer engagement via WhatsApp and Telegram chatbots. Lifetime access is $39.

💼 LazyApply Lifetime Deal LazyApply automates job applications to get 3x more interviews. Lifetime access is $69.

🎤 Utrrr Text To Speech Lifetime Deal Utrrr turns text into audio to create engaging content. Lifetime access starts at $67.

Trackabi Lifetime Deal Trackabi helps track time and manage leave. Lifetime access starts at $99.

🗓️ Calendbook Lifetime Deal Calendbook keeps you organized and helps customers book your time. Lifetime access is $29.

👪 Group Collector Lifetime Deal Group Collector collects Facebook group member info into spreadsheets. Lifetime access starts at $79.

Sizzy Lifetime Deal Supercharge your development workflow with Sizzy, the browser designed specifically for responsive development and designing. Emulate real devices, sync interactions, take screenshots, and inspect elements all in one place.

🎞️ Pinreel Lifetime Deal Pinreel helps make animated videos easily. Lifetime access is available for $29.

📹 VivoMeetings Lifetime Deal VivoMeetings enables communication via video, chat and more. Lifetime access is $72.

👍 FeedbackLink Lifetime Deal FeedbackLink manages customer feedback and testimonials. Lifetime access starts at $69.

🔎 Labrika Lifetime Deal Labrika helps skyrocket search rankings with its SEO platform. Lifetime access is available for $69.

Black Friday Dealify


🎁 Discover 31 more Live Lifetime Deals from Dealify that you shouldn’t overlook during the exciting Black Friday 2023 sales!


📝 Article Ninja Lifetime Deal Article Ninja converts content into human-like articles. Lifetime access starts at $99.

📈 Branalyzer Lifetime Deal Branalyzer offers feedback-driven SaaS to improve over time. Lifetime access is $49.

✉️ CLOSEM Lifetime Deal CLOSEM automates prospect engagement across channels. Lifetime access starts at $97.

💡 Your ERP Lifetime Deal Your ERP maximizes profits and efficiency. Lifetime access is $69.

✍️ Texta.ai Lifetime Deal Texta.ai generates articles and content with AI. Lifetime access starts at $69.

📸 PhotoKit Lifetime Deal PhotoKit helps edit images easily by removing backgrounds. Lifetime access is available for $69.

🔎 Dux-Soup Lifetime Deal Dux-Soup helps find and engage prospects on LinkedIn. Annual access starts at $99.

🌐 BITHUB Lifetime Deal BITHUB helps establish and promote your online presence. Lifetime access is $19.

📷 Purple Photo Lifetime Deal Purple Photo creates content for social media. Lifetime access starts at $59.

🔔 Subscribers Lifetime Deal Subscribers drives traffic back to your site. Lifetime access is $149.

👥 Noysi Lifetime Deal Noysi offers a unified communication platform. Lifetime access starts at $159.

🤖 ChatGPT Megacourse Lifetime Bundle Deal The ChatGPT Megacourse helps master conversational AI. Lifetime access is $39.

📊 CoCo Lifetime Deal CoCo efficiently analyzes social media profiles and campaigns. Lifetime access starts at $59.

📚 FlashBooks Lifetime Deal FlashBooks offers short summaries of top books. Lifetime access is available for $99.

✍️ Content Stack Lifetime Deal Content Stack makes writing 10x easier with AI. Lifetime access starts at $39.

✉️ EasySendy Pro Lifetime Deal EasySendy automates email campaigns. Lifetime access is $69.

🗓️ Fixatime Lifetime Deal Fixatime helps schedule calls with flexibility worldwide. Lifetime access starts at $39.

📝 Formspark Lifetime Deal Formspark offers backend form hosting starting at $49 lifetime.

📃 Formvio Lifetime Deal Formvio creates beautiful forms easily. Lifetime access is $34.

🧰 POWR One Lifetime Deal POWR One combines 60+ marketing tools in one platform for $99 lifetime.

💰 ParityBoss Lifetime Deal ParityBoss enables location-based pricing. Lifetime access is $29.

📈 Lightster Lifetime Deal Lightster validates products by engaging users. Lifetime access starts at $49.

🛒 MoreConvert Lifetime Deal MoreConvert converts traffic into sales. Lifetime access is $169.

🌐 Scribbyo AI Lifetime Deal Scribbyo translates and spreads content globally starting at $49 lifetime.

🔧 MentorFrame Lifetime Deal MentorFrame offers Elementor templates to design sites. Lifetime access is available for $49.

🗓️ WorkHub Scheduling Lifetime Deal WorkHub Scheduling increases team efficiency. Lifetime access starts at $49.

🤖 PromptLeo Lifetime Deal PromptLeo builds quality AI apps. Lifetime access is $69.

😃 Power Personas Lifetime Deal Power Personas optimizes customer engagement. Lifetime access starts at $79.

🔎 SpaceSerp Lifetime Deal SpaceSerp monitors brand mentions. Lifetime access is available for $39.

🏗️ RedmineUP Lifetime Deal RedmineUP simplifies project management. Lifetime access starts at $250.

☎️ Video Service Desk Lifetime Deal Video Service Desk adds live chat to websites. Lifetime access is $149.

🔖 Marqly Lifetime Deal Marqly helps manage bookmarks. Lifetime access starts at $49.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A lifetime deal is a highly discounted offer usually provided by new (and sometimes established) tech companies. With a lifetime deal, you can gain exclusive access to their tools/products for the duration of the product’s existence by making a one-time payment. Founders offer these deals to quickly gain exposure in the online market and obtain user feedback, bug reports, and market knowledge.

Typically, these tools are only accessible through monthly or annual recurring subscriptions. Since lifetime deals offer massive (sometimes unbelievably awesome) discounts, most companies only offer them once and for a limited time period. You might be surprised to learn that some of today’s most popular and premium SaaS tools like Intercom, Zapier, Paperform, and SERanking have previously offered lifetime deals for less than $50. Could you be one of the lucky ones? 😃

Please note that the term “lifetime” refers to the lifespan of the product, not that of the buyers or subscribers

It’s easy. Simply click the ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Get This Now’ button on this page. It will redirect you to the sales or checkout page for the deal. While we have already provided all the important information about the deal, we still recommend that you double-check the features list, price, and limitations on the sales page. Once you are sure and satisfied, feel free to grab the deal and start growing your business for a lifetime! :)

No, this is not a scam. But yes, some of these deals do look unbelievable for sure. In fact, I still can’t believe how popular tools like SERanking, Paperform and Airmeet etc. once offered a lifetime deal for just $39, and now they cost so much for just a month.

Founders offer such insane deals mostly to gain easy online brand exposure, receive detailed feedback, bug reports, and secure initial funding to grow their business further. I have explained this in detail under the “I am a Founder, Why should I offer a lifetime deal?” section of this FAQ page.

It is very important to conduct proper due diligence before purchasing any lifetime software deals. While we strive to include only authentic deals on our website, there have been a few instances when some solid products were shut down after only a few years. No one can control the future, so this can happen to any startup or even to big established businesses. Therefore, there is always a risk.

However, to mitigate this risk, there are a few key things to consider before making the purchase decision. Read about them next.

To avoid investing in a bad deal, it’s important to consider these key factors before making your purchase decision:

  1. Look for online reviews: Take advantage of platforms such as G2, Capterra, FinanceOnline, and others to gather insights from users who have already tried this tool.

  2. Research the founders: Dig deeper into information about the founders by searching online or exploring their “About Us” section. Make sure they have a visible presence on professional platforms like LinkedIn, IndieHackers, ProductHunt which indicates their commitment towards maintaining trust.

  3. Check for endorsements: If this tool is relatively new in the market, see if it has been featured on reputable websites like BetaList, ProductHunt, IndieHackers, HackersNews. This could indicate its potential and value.

  4. Assess user feedback: Evaluate the reviews and comments about the tool on the sales page. Pay attention to how the founder responds to criticism. Additionally, look for a public roadmap and check the changelog to determine if the product is frequently updated.

  5. Choose reliable deal sites: Opt for trustworthy deal sites that offer a clear refund policy without any complicated procedures. This will enable you to thoroughly test the tool and request a refund if it doesn’t meet your requirements.

I’m sorry, but there is almost nothing we can do to help with this. :( We only curate solid, real, and authentic deals from trusted sources. It is highly unlikely that the founders will re-offer the same lifetime deal again. However, in some cases, we have noticed a few deals being re-featured during special occasions such as Black Friday, Platform Anniversary, New Year’s offers, etc. Therefore, I strongly suggest subscribing to our weekly newsletter, joining our Facebook group, and installing our Chrome extension to never miss any further updates.

Our main motto is to provide accurate information about great deals. However, if you have any confusion regarding the deal, please feel free to ask us in the comment section. We closely monitor all comments and strive to resolve your queries to the best of our ability. Alternatively, you can also ask these questions directly on the sales page of the deal. If you have any other feedback or inquiries unrelated to this deal, kindly contact us via this link.

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