Vitepos Lifetime Deal

Get lifetime access to Vitepos for just $59 one-time payment.

Vitepos is a great software that lets you manage your whole store and track inventory in the shortest time.

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Major Highlights

You can manage customers, your cash drawer, your orders, your suppliers, your products, any invoices, any split payments, and so much more...

Vitepos lets you manage your shop (both your online & local store) in the shortest time possible via one complete app.

Use Vitepos to conduct a hassle-free, smooth, and efficient business that will pride itself on exceptional customer satisfaction.

Lets you manage your point of sale with unlimited outlets and counters. Built-in features are available in multiple colors and languages.

Use your online store as a local store with Vitepos:


  • No Expensive Hardware: No expensive hardware is needed to operate Vitepos. Save money – use your current devices! The POS can be loaded onto any computer browser or mobile device.
  • Barcode Scan & Search Products: For add products to cart you can scan product barcode by scanner or can search product. For small device you can use it’s camera to scan barcode of a product as well as you can search too.
  • Order Notes, Discounts & Customer: Your cashier can make easy discounts from the cart and can put out order notes about the order. Customer can be easily selected/added from cart panel. It is nice and easy operate for cashier.
  • Tax calculation based on outlet: In vitepos you can add tax based on your outlet location. For these features you don’t have to add tax every time when you order.
  • Customer in the Queue/Hold Cart: Vitepos has a customer queuing system where if any customer is taking time to make payments then you can send his/her cart details on hold options without losing data.
  • Split Payment/Single Payment: On checkout, you can use single or split payment using multiple methods. At a time you can take payment in cash, card and other payment methods as customers want to pay.
  • Print Receipts/Invoices: Vitepos provides you automatic & manual printing in a branded receipt format. The money receipt and invoices will really attract your customers. It is well descriptive and understandable.
  • Offline Data Store: Optimized and faster, capable of storing data locally and running without an internet connection. When the Internet returns, it can store data in the cloud again without any hassle or backup.
  • Easy UI & UX: Vitepos uses the most elegant and material design in its user interface. All the data is syncing in the blink of an eye. Any customer will fall in love with it’s attractive, user-friendly and nice design.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: For making your work more easier and faster for that vitepos add some shortcuts. Using those shortcuts you can work so fast.
  • Responsive all devices: It is fully responsive , you can use it on any size of device. In tab and mobile device you can use built in camera to scan barcode.
  • Multiple Color Choice: It has multiple sets of the color screen you can choose your own favorite color from them.
  • Multiple Language Support: Manage Your store with your own language. VitePos is a multi language supported plugin also you can use LocoTranslate to translate VitePos.
  • Manage Products Easily: Easy product manage is an unique feature of vitepos. You can easily add/edit simple and variable product with its amazing user friendly UI.
  • Dynamically Update & Product Stock: Purchase product / Update stock is a feature to update your inventory products with the details of updating . That’s means its well informed with the information of supplier and outlets.
  • Barcode Generator (Unique feature): Barcode Generator is Another unique and amazing feature of VitePOS. Easily you can generate and print barcodes with the price or without the price of any product using this module.
  • Cash Drawer Management: You can see the current cash drawer balance/order information. If you want, you can also close the cash drawer or can open a new cash-drawer.
  • Customer Management: Manage all customers properties. You can add/edit, delete customers from the customer module. And also can select/add customer in order from cart panel.
  • User / Staff Management: Add & edit users with the specific role, exp. Cashier, Manager, Store-Keeper, etc.
  • Monthly Account Data Check: Your account is in safe hands because Vitepos will take care of your store easily. At the end of the month, you can monitor product counts nicely and you will be able to see the amount of all the calculations through which you can understand your monthly expenses.
  • Secured ACL – Access Control Level: It has a unique ability to share user access levels or the power of your agents. Which is much better secured.
  • Outlet & Counter Management: Unlimited outlets & counter management with Vitepos – you could have different managers/cashiers/agents assigned to each outlet, or manage them all together.
  • Customize Invoice or Receipt: You can customize your invoice or receipt as you want. it has full set of control to customize. You can add your brand logo to the receipt , you can set footer greetings as you want to display .
  • Based on REST API: Vitepos is a single-page application that performs every process in a super quick fashion. The unique search option lets you find desired products and customers as fast as possible.
  • Customer Display: In customer display, customers can see all products in the cart, discounts, fees, and the total amount of cost for all products. After completing the order, it would be set empty to make a new order.
  • Make Favorite Product: A more Interesting feature is you can make favorite your product from our product module. Glad to mention that if you make a product favorite it will show first on the POS module.
  • Cash drawer log: In this drawer log, you can see who opens the drawer, outlet and counter, opening and closing cash, closes by, opening and closing time, and details of that drawer which you can download also.
  • Set default customer: A customizable feature is you can set the default customer from the admin panel. If there is no customer chosen in the order then the default customer will be set on the order and it will show in the print receipt.
  • Online order list: If someone buys products online then that order will come into the VitePOS order panel. You will see all details about every online order also you can complete the order status from the VitePOS order panel.
  • Customized Discount: A most secure feature is role-wise discount. For this feature, the admin can set a discount as a percentage for every role without admin.

What's included in this deal?

Lifetime access to this deal for $59 only.

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Only $59

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60 day money-back guarantee.

🎁 Get the Vitepos lifetime deal for $59 with the following features:

  • 1 Site
  • Multiple languages + Barcode generator
  • Customize invoices + Cash drawer
  • Customer manage + Stock & purchase
  • Vendor management + Staff/user manage
  • Access control + Unlimited outlets and counters
  • Split payment + Offline sale
  • Multiple colors + Product management + Premium support
  • Stack 3 codes:
  • Upgrade to the Developer Lifetime Pro Plan (5 sites/domain)
  • Stack 5 codes:
  • Upgrade to the Developer Lifetime Pro Plan (10 sites/domain)
  • Stack 8 codes:
  • Upgrade to the Developer Lifetime Pro Plan (20 sites/domain)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lifetime deal is a form of highly discounted deal, usually offered by new (and sometimes established) tech companies with which you get unique access to their tools/products for the lifetime with one-time-payment. Founders do so to get quick exposure to the big online market as well as to get users’ feedback, bug findings and market knowledge  etc.

These tools are otherwise accessible only by paying monthly or annual recurring subscriptions. Since these are massive (sometimes unbelievably awesome) discounts, most of these companies offer such deals only once in life and for a very limited period of time. You shouldn’t be surprised to know that some of today’s most popular and premium SaaS tools like Intercom, Zapier, Paperform, SERanking had once offered the lifetime deal for less than $50. Are you the lucky one? 😃

Kindly note that the term ‘lifetime’ refers to the ‘lifetime’ of the product, not of the buyers or subscribers.

It’s easy. Simply click ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Get This Deal’ button on this page. It will redirect you to the deal’s sales or checkout page. While we already mentioned all the important information about the deal, we still recommend you to double check the features list, price and limitations once again on the deal’s sales page. Once you are sure and satisfied, feel free to grab the deal and start growing your business for lifetime. :)

No! This is not a scam. But yes! Some of these deals look unbelievable for sure. In fact, I still can’t believe how popular tools like Intercom and Zapier had once offered a lifetime deal for just $39 and now they cost this much just for a month. :)

Founders offer such insane deals mostly to get the easy online brand exposure, detailed feedback, bug reports and some good initial funding to grow their business further. I have explained this in detail under “I am a Founder, Why should I offer a lifetime deal?” section of this FAQ page.

It is very important to do a proper due diligence before buying any lifetime software deals. While we try to include only the authentic deals on our website, there have been a few instances when some solid products got shutdown just after a few years. No one can control the future and hence this can happen with any startups or even with big established businesses. So, there is always a risk.

However, to avoid the risk there are few key things to consider before making the purchase decision. Read about them next.

To avoid the risk of investing in a bad deal, here are a few key things to consider before making the purchase decision –

  1. Look for the online reviews for this tool on Sites like G2, Capterra, FinanceOnline etc.
  2. Search online or look for the ‘Abous Us’ section of the tool to find more info about the founders. Check if they are publically visible and socially active on channels like LinkedIn, IndieHackers, ProductHunt etc. If so, mostly likely they won’t break the user’s trust.
  3. If the tool is brand new, check if they have been featured on sites like BetaList, ProductHunt, IndieHackers, HackersNews etc.
  4. Look at the reviews and comments about the tool on the deal sales page. Observe how founder is responding to the criticism. Look for the public roadmap and check the changelog to find out how frequently the product is being updated.
  5. Try to buy only from reliable deal sites which provide proper no-questions asked refund period so that you can check the tool properly and then refund it it doesn’t suffice your needs.

I am sorry but there is almost nothing we can do for this. :( We only curate solid, real and authentic deals from trusted sources and it is highly unlikely that the founders will re-offer the same lifetime deal ever again. However, in some cases, we have noticed that a few deals get re-featured during special occasions like Black Friday, Platform Anniversary, New Years offers etc. and hence I will strongly suggest you to subscribe to our weekly newsletter, join our Facebook group and install our chrome extension to never miss any further updates.

Our main motto is to give all the accurate information about great deals. But if you have any confusion about the deal, ask us in the comment section. We closely monitor all the comments and try our best to resolve your queries. You can also ask these questions directly on the deal’s sales page. In case you have some other feedback or queries other than this deal, kindly contact us via this link.

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