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laganoo lifetime deal image

Laganoo Lifetime Deal

Laganoo is an e-commerce ecosystem that allows you to build an online store in a mobile-friendly and omnichannel environment, with easy integration with social networks and marketplaces.

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Feedback Farm Lifetime Deal

Feedback Farm provides you with an out-of-the-box widget to start collecting user feedback on your web application. You can use our own widget (HTML / React) or build your own with our rest API.

intabio lifetime deal image Lifetime Deal

InTab is an app-building software that helps businesses visually style any website in any browser. Teams can turn designs into responsive prototypes quickly without writing code.

divjoy lifetime deal image

Divjoy Lifetime Deal

Divjoy is a React codebase & UI generator that gives you everything you need for your next project, including authentication, data fetching, payments (powered by Stripe), billing management, marketing pages, forms, and more.

human-presence lifetime deal image

Human Presence Lifetime Deal

Human Presence is the most innovative bot detection & spam protection software in the world. Users can stop bot checkouts & form spam without impacting the user experience on Shopify and WordPress websites.

PlayCode lifetime deal image

PlayCode Lifetime Deal

PlayCode is an online javascript playground where you can create React, Vue, TypeScript, and Three. js, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, etc projects quickly and easily in your browser.

popify lifetime deal image

Popify Lifetime Deal

Popify is an advanced popup editor that helps you create stunning popups with a breeze and build credibility on your website in a matter of time.

Formvio lifetime deal image

Formvio Lifetime Deal

Formvio is the easiest way to create beautiful, mobile-ready forms for your website, emails, social media campaigns, and more. It allows for data capturing of any kind with no coding.

popupular lifetime deal image

Popupular Lifetime Deal

Easily embed anything into a popup on your site. It makes it easy to integrate a signup form, explanation video or help article, or anything else into a popup, you can fully control, with just a few clicks.

productlift lifetime deal image

ProductLift Lifetime Deal

ProductLift is a tool for product & marketing teams that solves these problems by letting you prioritize your roadmap in real-time with live user feedback, create changelogs, share your roadmap, and see an overview of everything that has been developed so far.

no-code-mba lifetime deal image

No Code MBA Lifetime Deal

No Code MBA teaches you how to build powerful apps, websites, and automation yourself – all without code. Get lifetime access to No Code MBA for just a $159 one-time payment.

rocketscrape image

RocketScrape Lifetime Deal

With the help of RocketScrape, it is possible to scrape HTML and JSON from any web page using just one API call. RocketScrape is the trusted, rapid Web Scraping API you’ve been searching for.

darklup lifetime deal image

DarkLup Lifetime Deal

All in one WordPress plugin to create a stunning dark version for your WordPress website and dashboard. WordPress Dark Mode Plugin allows users to turn ON/OFF the dark mode enable option while viewing your website.

formly lifetime deal image

Formly Lifetime Deal

Formly is the perfect solution to build custom digital forms and surveys to help your team collect richer data anytime, anywhere… even offline.


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