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https://cdn.statically.io/favicons/directorist.comDirectorist - Create Unlimited Business Directory Listing Websites.$49.00Visit Deal1314ProductivityGrowthfamhttps://directorist.com/201125Available for Limited Time
https://cdn.statically.io/favicons/www.simply5.ioSimply5 - Cast your local web applications, services and files to your team or the world securely over CloudLAN, with the click of a button!$59.00Visit Deal1315ProductivityPitchgroundhttps://www.simply5.io/201126GAvailable for Limited Time
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https://cdn.statically.io/favicons/passwork.mePasswork - Store all of your company passwords in protected vaults, collaborate with teammates, manage user rights, track all changes, monitor security, and use one-click logon!$59.00Visit Deal1317Security & VPNPitchgroundhttps://passwork.me/201126GAvailable for Limited Time
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https://cdn.statically.io/favicons/littlesaas.comCommunication - A Customer Helpdesk Platform.$595 for LifetimeVisit Deal1339Chatbots & MessagingPitchgroundhttps://littlesaas.com/communication201206GAvailable for Limited Time
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https://cdn.statically.io/favicons/intelli.tvIntelli.tv - An interactive video tool that allows you to add interactive elements to your video content to better engage your audience.$59 for LifetimeVisit Deal1342Audio & VideoAppSumohttps://intelli.tv/201209AOAvailable for Limited Time
https://cdn.statically.io/favicons/app.vieworks.ioVieworks - Capture user data and leads, plus increase video engagement by rewarding viewers for their attention.$59 for LifetimeVisit Deal1343Sales & MarketingAppSumohttps://app.vieworks.io/user/login201209AOAvailable for Limited Time
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https://cdn.statically.io/favicons/imdone.ioimdone Task Management App - Review Code, Manage Projects, & Build Software with This Markdown-Based Kanban Board that Lives in Your App.$14.99 for LifetimeVisit Deal1345ProductivityStackSocialhttps://imdone.io/201213ALAvailable for Limited Time
https://cdn.statically.io/favicons/methodsof.comMethods of Leadership Online Learning - Learn the Methods of Leadership from Some of the Best CEOs, Executive Coaches, Thought Leaders & Business Thinkers on the Planet.$147.99Visit Deal1346Courses StackSocialhttps://methodsof.com/courses/201215ALAvailable for Limited Time
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https://cdn.statically.io/favicons/www.iubenda.comiubenda - a tool that lets you easily meet the latest legal requirements of the GDPR and CCPA, plus make cookie banners, privacy policies, and terms and conditions.$59 for LifetimeVisit Deal1355Legal & HRAppSumohttps://www.iubenda.com/en/overview201216AOAvailable for Limited Time
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https://cdn.statically.io/favicons/spreadsimple.comSpread Simple - Transform your Google Sheet into a beautiful and easy-to-manage website powered by your data.$59 for LifetimeVisit Deal1376Website Development & HostingAppSumohttps://spreadsimple.com/210114AOAvailable for Limited Time
https://cdn.statically.io/favicons/funneljoy.comFunneljoy - Build no-code, customized funnels and landing pages with an intuitive interface.$59 for LifetimeVisit Deal1377Sales & MarketingAppSumohttps://funneljoy.com/210114AOAvailable for Limited Time


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