Teamdeck Review + Lifetime Deal

teamdeck lifetime deal

Teamdeck is a resource management system to help you track your team’s progress and productivity.

AppSumo has recently featured Teamdeck with a lifetime access offer on their site. The lifetime deal starts with just a $49 one-time fee.

The primary motive of this post is to review Teamdeck in detail and help you understand whether you should invest your hard-earned money on this tool or not.

But before we dive deeper into this Teamdeck Review post and talk about this lifetime deal offering, let me first tell you something about the history of this SaaS tool and company behind it.

Teamdeck Company History

Teamdeck is a product of Apptension which was founded by Zbigniew Czarnecki in August 2016 to improvise virtual and direct employee management.
Zbigniew Czarnecki is also the CEO of Teamdeck which was then merged into with Apptension and and has a wide experience in the field of information technology.

Teamdeck Funding

I checked for the funding report regarding Teamdeck, but I couldn’t find any information as such. So, it seems Teamdeck hasn’t been funded yet.

The First Impression

Teamdeck website looks like this –

teamdeck lifetime deal

The official website of Teamdeck has a very welcome vibe. It is user-friendly with all the required features right in the menu – you will not have to look too much to find that link to the page you need. However, little details about the company that developed the tool, or the team behind the tool. Anyways, the website is good.

Teamdeck Social Activity

Teamdeck has a dedicated page in LinkedIn and Facebook. Its Facebook page has about 523 likes at the time of writing this post and has been quite active, with the last post just three days ago. The LinkedIn page is also very active and has 603 followers at the time of writing this post.

Features & Use Case

An alternative to Float, Teamdeck helps you to manage your team members and easily get things done through collaboration.

Teamdeck helps you to assign work, track time, monitor performance and work around the project’s estimates – in short, a one-stop solution to all your project management needs.

Also, getting all your team members on the same board – keeping all your team members up-to-date about the progress of your project, let them know what is left to do, schedule meetings and much more!!

Teamdeck Online Reviews/Reputation

Teamdeck has had rating of atleast 4.5 on 5 on almostt all SaaS platform and a  particular appreciation to the support team. So there are pretty good chances that your queries will find a reply within a few days.

About Teamdeck Lifetime Deal

The usual pricing of this tool is –

teamdeck lifetime deal

Currently, we are getting –

Here is the snapshot of the Deal Summary –

teamdeck lifetime deal


From the price and the website, with the features offered for the discounted price, the tool definitely looks promising.

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