Knowtworthy Lifetime Deal |

Knowtworthy Lifetime Deal

Get lifetime access to Kanowtworthy for just $69 one-time payment.

Knowtworthy streamlines meetings with real-time transcription, instant sharing, and collaborative minutes.

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Major Highlights

Saves time for meeting attendees, meeting organizers, and managers.

Improves minutes quality with research-backed templates, increasing overall meeting productivity.

Increases task accountability and information retention for businesses of all sizes.

Best for meeting organizers, project managers, and middle managers.

What was included in this deal?

Lifetime access to this deal for $69 only.

knowtworthy lifetime deal


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We have a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Access Your Meetings Anywhere, On Any Device
  • Shared Agendas
  • Trackable Action Items
  • Cloud Storage
  • Meeting Security
  • Real-Time Transcription
  • Upload Audio / Video to Transcribe
  • Unlimited Guests
  • Video Chat (unlimited) (Q4 2020)
  • Sentiment Analysis (coming soon)
  • Research-Backed Templates (Q3 2020)
  • File Attachments to Meetings (Q3 2020)
  • Meeting Minute PDF Download (Q3 2020)
  • Share Meetings to Slack and Microsoft Teams (Q4 2021)
  • Export Meeting Notes to Google Docs (Q4 2020)
  • Scheduling Page (2021)
  • White Label (Q4 or Q1 2021)
  • CName & SMTP (2021)
  • Integrated Video Conferencing (coming soon)
  • Meeting API (2021)
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