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Popupular Lifetime Deal

Easily embed anything into a popup on your site. It makes it easy to integrate a signup form, explanation video or help article, or anything else into a popup, you can fully control, with just a few clicks.

ZesleCP Lifetime Deal image

ZesleCP Lifetime Deal

ZesleCP is a lightweight, fast, and secure web hosting control panel designed with a best-in-class GUI interface to make the entire experience of managing your websites and Linux web hosting server quick and easy so you can focus on your business.


Brilliant Directories Lifetime Deal

Brilliant Directories is a complete turnkey platform—software and service—for launching membership websites, managing members, selling subscriptions, publishing content, and more.Get lifetime access to Brilliant Directories for just $89 one-time payment.

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RocketScrape Lifetime Deal

With the help of RocketScrape, it is possible to scrape HTML and JSON from any web page using just one API call. RocketScrape is the trusted, rapid Web Scraping API you’ve been searching for.

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Human Presence Lifetime Deal

Human Presence is the most innovative bot detection & spam protection software in the world. Users can stop bot checkouts & form spam without impacting the user experience on Shopify and WordPress websites.

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Loopple Lifetime Deal

Loopple is a drag & drop dashboard and website builder that helps you create beautiful dynamic admin panels and landing pages for your startup and business in minutes.


Ruttl Lifetime Deal

With Ruttl, you can comment on live websites, web apps, PDFs, and images in real-time. Collect comments & design feedback quickly and easily without the hassle of sending multiple emails or waiting for responses. Plus, make real-time edits right in the app!


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